Stephane Portha, the Creator of the successful Graaonline Game

Photo Stephane Portha, the Creator of the successful Graaonline Game

The first six years of the childhood are crucial to define who you will be in future. The creator of GraalOnline Game discovered his passion when he was only six years old. Playing the famous game of the time, the Pong, made him find out he was really into the digital world.

He mixed his growing interest with his skills to create his first video game, a homemade one, the Tank. Tank opened his way to success and led him to come among the greatest figures of the digital world in France. Not only was he interested in video games but also in digital information networks. He found the Minitel as a great opportunity to combine those two passions.

When passion and skills come together

The interest has been growing faster and faster and more ideas were popping up. Some entrepreneurial logic was added to the passion to bring about the deep-inspired idea of creating a firm. Therefore, in 1989, Eurocenter was born. That was a firm for video games production.

Then in 1998. The GraalOnline which was among the first multiplayer games appeared. His management skills proved to be useful for him to maintain a controlling position in the digital business. He then held important managerial roles in other digital companies such as Linux, Neogeo,, Inmob or

He never put aside his passion for video games and always aimed to gain more success through his own firm. Eurocenter was renamed Eurocenter Games and then expanded into a whole digital consortium called Eurocenter Group.

Growth through creativity

Apart from creating adrenaline-raising games, Eurocenter Games was among those who made it possible for video games to be found on Appstore in 2007. To the GraalOnline game were added more elements and the new expanded version was called GraalOnline Zone. Apart from being a highly entertaining game, it was also the first M M O Freetoplay video game available on the Smartphone iOS platform.

More and more, and more to come for digital lovers

Improved versions of the Graalonline classical game were then created and they can be at reach on modern platforms such as Android or iOS. Stephane Portha ( is not the only one to build his kingdom. Gamers can also build their own by playing Graalonline classical + which consists of building his own medieval kingdom.

America and Russia are not the only ones willing to conquer the space. Anyone who plays Graalonline zone + can also explore it. As criminality is everywhere, it gave the idea of creating another game called Era +, on which the players are in a modern urban universe where they have to create their own criminal empires.

Stephane Portha's success can be seen through the number of games that have been sold worldwide: 8 million on Apple store; twice as many as the total population of a whole country, Croatia for example. He has established his stronghold in the digital world and has proven to dominate it perfectly well.